IIHF want a four-official system.

The IIHF is going to be using a four man system for the 2o08 IIHF World Championships. They were going to begin using the four-man system in 2009 in Switzerland. However they felt that they could push it up and do it in 2008. This could be due to the fact that Canada has a large enough officiating talent pool to support such a system.

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What is the best training for a referee?

Well surprisingly enough the best training for a referee is…playing. There is no better way to train to become an official than to play the game it offers important insight into what players are thinking and going through. It allows you to see the game in their shoes. Some of the best officials out there have played decent levels of hockey.

Lets take a look at Wes McCauley. He played university hockey in the NCAA (Div I). It is assumed that if you can play at this level you can obviously referee at that level. He is currently working in the NHL. It is difficult to referee a game that you don’t quite understand. Additionally you develop a “hockey sense” as to where players are moving and where the puck is going. Not to mention the athletic/health benefits of playing.


OHL Cup Referees and Linesmen Selected

Yesterday a meeting was held at the GTHL Office for the officials to go over the tournament rules and procedures.There are 13 Referees and 20 Linesmen.


The abuse…

Here are some clips of referees taking abuse and in some case dishing it back out. Do you blame them?

Good thing referees take a little more abuse!


Referee Training

I think this is why referees take so much abuse!


I want to be a Referee!

I want to be a Referee




I want to spend my days amid beautiful scenery, with short shifts, superb hours and great benefits


I want to work directly with people who have so much respect for my age, experience, authority or skills


I want to be out-of-shape, out-of-touch, and above all, utterly out-of-my-mind


I want to be a complete imbecile, dumb as a bag of hammers and oh yes, legally blind


I want to know that my brains are made of excrement and exactly where my head is buried


I want no one to listen to me the first time because I am never right anyway


I want to hear every profane and degrading word in the English language, and then some


I want to know less about the game than every player, coach or spectator that ever set foot in an arena


I want to be part of, in fact responsible for, the worst game in the history of hockey


I want to be laughed at when I am hit by the puck, knocked down or put down


I want to take over the game and have the spotlight shine squarely on me, the true star of the sport


I want to see only one colour, provided I am having a good day and can see past the end of my nose


I want to pay attentions to self-righteous people with verbal diarrhea, instead of the game at hand


I want to watch people smarter than me slam doors, throw temper tantrums and throw insults


I want to spend the bulk of my day watching behavior best suited for the schoolyard or barnyard


I want to watch players pass the blame more than they will ever pass the puck


I want to spend quality time with people who are blessed with far more attitude and contempt than honor and integrity


I want to see people take the game so seriously, they threaten the respect and opinions others have of them, their team and their town


I want to watch parents try to live out their own failed dreams through their children


I want to be paid little and thanked even less


I want to hear people complain


I want cold hands


I want it all


I want to come back next game, next week, next year and do it all over again




Yes hockey fans, I want to be a referee, because nowhere is there a more rewarding or fulfilling way to spend the hockey season


And I will wonder why everyone doesn’t want to be a hockey referee – just like me



Names on the Back of Jerseys

As an official having names on the backs of jerseys is a godsent. Firstly, referees can call the player by his last name if he needs to get his attention. In doing so he can often difuse most situations as the very utterance of the player’s name allows you to identify him. Rather than say 7 Blue, you say Mr. Smith. By saying the name the player is usually calmed down and more open to talking. Addionally you can more formally and respectfully address the player.

Suprising is the amount of respect an official recieves when he is able to identify a player by his last name. It goes a long way to build rapport.

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